Bob Rosso wearing Hoka One One Running Shoes


Hoka One One running shoes

Bob wearing his Hoka One One’s

So this is kind of a “Info Mercial”, because I am now a true believer in the HOKA running shoe program. I could be taking you on an extreme dialog about something of no interest to anyone at all……but I will not do that.

The HOKA ONE ONE has engineered a unique performance midsole geometry that features high volume, softer density, and greater rebounding foam than any any standard running shoe on the market.

At my age the body crashing into the hard pavement or firm dirt trails is not a pretty thing, but with my new HOKA shoes I feel like I am floating on a cloud.

These shoes have totally re-energized my love of running, to run with no pain and no injuries is a really good thing for sure.

At The Perch we are now carrying a number of models for both men and women and I highly recommend that you check them out, come in put a pair on and jog around the store you will immediately feel the difference.

And then when you take to the trails or roads you will be amazed. Certainly you want to take into consideration the new elevated height you will experience, I am actually now a taller man…how cool is that? But seriously, you need to learn that you will have a slightly different stride than you did before.

And you will have a smile on your face, as you run without any jarring or pain.

Give it a try…..At The Elephant’s Perch.

Bob Rosso…Proprietor

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