PowerPot – Outdoor Portable Generator

The Elephant’s Perch has the new, awesome PowerPot.

These are the latest, greatest items for backcountry hikers that can’t live without their electronics!

PowerPot: Turning Water Into Watts





The PowerPot is a new way to make electricity. It converts heat directly into power good for charging any USB device. Earlier this year, it was successfully funded on Kickstart! Using the PowerPot is simple: just add water and place on a heat source. Plug your device into the high-temp USB connector and in seconds you’ll be charging. It plays nicely with any heat source: campfires, wood stoves, propane/butane, BBQs and even a hot springs! The PowerPot serves as a perfect companion for backpackers and emergency preppers alike! 

The PowerPot will charge most of your USB devices by simply heating up a pot of water. It’s waterproof, fire-resistant, and extremely portable–weighing in at just 12 ounces! Unlike solar panels, it works anytime–even in bad weather, at night, and indoors! It’s more than just an iPhone charger–the PowerPot can charge any smartphone, GPS navigation, cameras, lights/lanterns, radios, water purifiers and so on.


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