World Masters Cross Country Race In Italy

Dear friends,

sun valley nordic | boulder mountain tourThe highlights and low-lights,

We have been having more fun than you can imagine!

We have laughed a lot.

The anxiety level is off the charts! 19 women really get worked up including Valium before the races,  hot wine before the races,  throwing up before the races, “fatto” written on Lynn’s skis, a meth driven head honcho at our hotel named Andrea who is driving us nuts!, he tries to put on “shows” every night and hes so loud and narcissistic! 2 nights ago was reenactment of the Jesus, Mary, Joseph scene using all of us as the actors. Brenda hid under the dining table to avoid being chosen!

World Cup Cross Country | Italy | The Elephants PerchHe’s yelled at me almost every night for the unruly Vamps! we just tune him out if we can! Ann took an extra loop that wasn’t even part of the course!  We all can’t wait to eat food outside of this hotel- especially no more veal with tuna sauce or pork knuckles, or neck of beef, or liver with anchovies! Mmmmm? The cappuccinos were good, however. On the way to dinner every night , we pass “Blaine Manor” which is the lounge where you can get Internet access in our hotel. It is packed every night with skiers on their devices. Why is it called Blaine Manor?  This is the MASTER’S Worlds after all! Oh, and Paula asked me if its okay to take pictures as she’s racing? I said, “NO!”

7 hours later…

Everyone is done with the races! No more DQ’s, no more starts and no more finishes. I think everyone is relieved to be done after a long, hard week of racing. Joney, Karen and Charlie did the 30 km classic and the rest of us lined the course and hooted and hollered at them, much to their chagrin. Pat Simpson, Charlie and Norm all wore Vamps suits in their 30 km races. Now all the world knows about the “Wamps”  or sometimes it’s the “Wumps”.  They cant pronounce the “V” ! Our suits were a hit!

Here’s a roundup of the overall results:

Gold | Bronze | World Cup Cross Country | The Elephants Perch | Sun Valley Idaho

  • Joanne- 1 silver, 2 bronze
  • Kelly- 3 bronze
  • Charlie French- 3 gold
  • Norm Clark-1 silver, 2 bronze
  • Jon Engen- 2 bronze
  • Del Pletcher-1 bronze
  • Muffy- 2 silvers

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