Summer Rental Rates

Bike Rentals

Bike Rental Rates

Please call The Elephant’s Perch at 208-726-3497 to reserve your bike rental.

(24 HOURS)
GRAVEL $80 $60
KIDS $25 $20
Top of the line! Always.

Everything you need for the perfect adventure. We are committed to offering only the best equipment, maintained by our master mechanics and avid cyclists.

Specialized // Ibis // Scott // Harley Davidson

For more information: Call – 208-726-3497 Or Email –

Lots of Daylight!

With 15 hours of daylight in July, there’s plenty of time to enjoy some of the best biking in North America. The extensive biking, climbing and running trails and the array of hikes is off the charts!

So many things to do!

The Sun Valley area boasts nearly one million acres of surrounding wilderness and just about as many summer activities.  Guest are invited to enjoy the many natural wonders – fly fishing in beautiful Silver Creek, hiking through vibrant fields of wildflowers on Bald Mountain, or riding the rapids of the Salmon River.  Thirty paved miles of bike trails, award-winning golf courses, a skateboard park and chairlift rides add a multitude of marvels to Sun Valley’s stunning backdrop.

At The Perch we have always carried the finest rental equipment available, we sell it off regularly, and keep only the best for your enjoyment. Summer or Winter, you can always find rental sports toys for the entire family, that are maintained perfectly by our expert crew.

The Bike Shop

FULL TUNE – $75.00

* A full tune is a VERY detailed service and includes (but is not limited to); truing and checking the dish of the wheels, checking the alignment of the rear derailleur hanger, adjusting the rear derailleur for limit and tension, adjusting the front derailleur for limit and tension and placement, adjusting bearing pressure at the hubs and the headset, checking and/or adjusting the bottom bracket, checking chainring and crank bolts, checking the chain for wear, making sure all other bolts are tight, checking tire pressure, and a thorough cleaning. Other services that are typically performed during a tune up are; replacing brake pads, replacing the chain, brake bleed, tube and/or tire change. This service requires significant time and would cost considerably more if performed at our standard hourly rate ($45) or if done on a per item charge, so it is a very good deal indeed. REQUIRES AN APPOINTMENT. PLEASE NOTE: THE TUNE UP PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE THE PRICE OF YOUR PARTS!

LIGHT TUNE – $35.00

*If you can’t spring for the full tune, this is an inexpensive option if your bike is in reasonably decent shape. PLEASE NOT THAT THE LIGHT TUNE IS AN ADJUSTMENT OF THE DERAILLEURS AND BRAKES ONLY! ANY OTHER WORK WILL BE CHARGED A LA CARTE PRICE.

Camping & Climbing

Climbing | Camping | Hiking

Bob Rosso started The Perch in 1976 as a climbing and backpacking shop and we remain true to those roots by still offering the valley’s best selection of high quality camping and climbing gear. Whether you need USGS topos to plan your next adventure or a new rack for your assault on Astral Elephant, we’re here to help. Check out the offerings from some of our camping and climbing brands here and, after you’ve filled your head with heroic visions of yourself in the backcountry, head to The Perch to get outfitted.

Camping/Climbing Rental Rates

*Sleeping Bag $15 each ADDITIONAL night

BACKPACK N/A $20.00 $90.00
SLEEPING BAG N/A $30.00 $120.00
TENT N/A $30.00 $180.00
KID CARRIER $10.00 $15.00 $60.00
CLIMBING SHOES N/A $10.00 $60.00
SLEEPING PAD N/A $5.00 $25.00