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About the Elephant’s Perch

Our True Passion

Welcome to Elephant’s Perch—where the outdoors is our way of life. Since 1976, we’ve been the go-to specialty outdoor store in Ketchum for enthusiasts looking to gear up, get outside, and embrace adventures.

Founded by Bob and Kate Rosso, our story began with a simple, yet powerful vision: to create a home for adventurers where they will find top-notch gear and a shared passion for the great outdoors. Nestled in the heart of Ketchum, our shop has become more than just a retail space; it’s a community hub where stories are swapped, knowledge is shared, and enthusiasm levels are always high. Ketchum may have changed over the years, but The Perch has remained steadfast in our commitment to community, not only being experts in our disciplines but actually living the life, all while offering quality equipment.

Bob and Kate Rosso | The Elephant's Perch Founders

History of the Beginning.

In 2022, after 46 years of ownership, Bob and Kate Rosso decided to retire and pass the torch on to a new generation of wild gear experts. The Perch is now in the hands of a passionate group of partners who are dedicated to upholding the legacy of it’s founders. Thanks to the solid foundation Bob and Kate built, the spirit of Elephant’s Perch lives on, and the commitment to providing quality gear and fostering a sense of community are front and center.

What we really do.

Whether you’re a seasoned outdoors person or a newcomer eager to explore, much more than a  customer here—you’re part of our family. We’re not just here to sling equipment; we’re here to be your guides to quality gear, give you beta for your adventure, and your cheer squad as you head out to explore.

Our Team

We make all the difference

Our team is what makes The Perch the best outdoor lifestyle shop for your next adventure. Come see us!

We proudly put our love for the outdoors and our community to work beyond the walls of our store. From donating bikes to local kids who might not be able to afford them, to sponsoring and organizing a variety of outdoor events. The Perch family can’t help but get involved every chance we get to support outdoor adventures in and around the Sun Valley area.

Our commitment extends beyond just providing gear; we’re dedicated to creating opportunities for our community to come together and celebrate the outdoor lifestyle. So, whether you’re gearing up for a big summit push, planning a weekend bike ride, or just looking to nerd out with fellow outdoor enthusiasts, The Perch staff can’t wait to welcome you!