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Mount and Prep

Skate or Classic Mount Only$30
Skate or Classic Mount and Prep$45
Telemark/Randonee Mount Only$60
Telemark/Randonee Mount and Wax$90


Purchase a Wax Punch Card for $200 and get 10 waxes.
That’s a savings of $50 on glide waxing skate skis or $25 on glide and kick zone waxing on your classics!

Skate Glide Wax$251Race waxes, special requests, or multiple layers can be done for an extra charge
Classic Ski Kick and Glide Wax $252
Hot Box$30Includes final glide wax layer for current conditions — literally two layers of wax.
Race PrepInquire In Shop
Multiple layers, structure, etc., can be done for additional charges ranging from $25 to $80 depending upon level of service.


Skin Cut $20FREE with purchase
Re-glue Skins$50The best glue for this process is no longer available in the US. THE ONLY TRUE FIX IS A NEW PAIR OF SKINS
Pole Cutting or Grip/Strap Swap $10FREE for poles purchased at the Perch — one time only
Install Baskets$10 Plus cost of baskets
Install Grips & Straps$10Plus cost of grips
Pine Tar$25