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BMT Nutrition + Hydration


Go into the BMT weekend well-fueled + hydrated: Tips from Jackson Long, sports nutritionist, coach and Wood River Valley Native.

Going in to the BMT weekend well-fueled and hydrated is paramount to feeling and performing your absolute best come race day. Here are my tried and true top 4 tips for World Harriman Domination:
  1. In the days leading up to the race, focus mostly on bumping up your intake of easy-to-digest carbohydrates (think sourdough bread, rice, pasta, fruit, sports drink, oatmeal, potatoes, etc.) over the course of the day. You want to “fill up the tank” of this precious energy source, which you’ll be relying on to fuel the inevitable suffering to come.
  2. Dial in that pre-race breakfast for awesome, lasting energy and minimal GI issues. Practice eating it before a hard workout the week before the race and give yourself 2-3 hours to digest.
  3. Start to eat early and often during the race. If you’re exercising hard for more than 90 minutes, the body needs carbohydrates to operate optimally. Shoot to take in about 200 calories of very simple and easy-to-eat things like gels, chews, banana, or sports drink every 45 minutes.
  4. Remember to hydrate before and during the race, even if it’s frigid. Pro tip: fill a thermos or insulated drinkbelt with hot tea, a little bit of maple syrup, and a pinch of salt for a hit of caffeine, sugar, and electrolytes.
Jackson Long, MS SENr is an accredited sports nutritionist, coach, and Wood River Valley native. He consults a variety of mountain athletes on optimizing nutrition for health and performance through In The Flow Nutrition, and coaches for the SVSEF XC ski team. Learn more at

BMT Champions Reception 

Celebrating 50 years of the Boulder Mountain Tour

Join us as we celebrate 50 years and honor BMT champions. All are welcome to meet and mingle with past champions while enjoying complimentary food and beverages at The Elephant’s Perch.