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Enhance Your Climbing Experience

Find all your climbing gear at The Perch

At The Elephant’s Perch, we take pride in equipping climbers like you with the highest quality gear to ensure your safety and success on the rock. Today, we want to highlight some of the must-have items that every climber should have in their quiver. Whether you’re a seasoned climber or just starting out, these essentials will enhance your climbing experience and help you reach new heights.

  1. Climbing Shoes: The foundation of any climber’s gear, a good pair of climbing shoes provides the necessary grip and sensitivity for various climbing terrains. Invest in a pair that fits snugly and offers reliable traction to maximize your performance on the wall.
  2. Helmet: Protecting your head is of utmost importance. A durable climbing helmet guards against falling objects and potential impacts, ensuring your safety on both indoor and outdoor climbs.
  3. Quickdraws: Quickdraws are essential for clipping into bolts, protecting lead climbs, and facilitating smooth rope movement.
  4. Chalk Bag and Chalk: Climbing chalk keeps your hands dry and improves grip. A chalk bag with a secure closure system is essential for easy access to chalk while climbing. Why not grab a fun 8BPlus for your next adventure?
  5. Guidebooks: Guidebooks are an invaluable resource for climbers of all levels. They provide a wealth of information that helps climbers plan and execute their excursions safely and efficiently.

Perch Pick: City of Rocks

Whether you’re seeking adventure, challenging climbs, natural beauty, or a sense of history and community, The City of Rocks in Idaho delivers an unforgettable rock climbing experience. It’s a destination that captivates climbers with its unique features, diverse routes, and the opportunity to be part of a rich climbing heritage.

Before your visit, it’s recommended to consult guidebooks, research current climbing conditions, and ensure you have the appropriate gear and knowledge for the specific routes you plan to climb. Stay safe, respect the environment, and enjoy all that The City of Rocks has to offer to climbers of all levels.

Discover The City of Rocks