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January 30 | Wax Clinic | 6PM at The Perch

Wax Clinic with Rick Kapala | January 30 | 6PM at the Perch

The indefatigable Rick Kapala will be at the Elephant’s Perch next Tuesday to present his ideas on waxing and race strategy. If you have ever toed the start line at the BMT, you have heard Rick’s calming & possibly sardonic voice over the PA admonishing you to calm down, ski well, and enjoy the race. 

We’re not sure if Rick will incorporate thoughts from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle or just stick to Race prep but we can’t wait to find out! Whether you are a 1st-time newbie or a seasoned vet of the BMT, we are sure the time will be well spent. 

Please join us on Tuesday, January 30th at 6PM and let the fun begin!🏁🏁🏁