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Bounding Session with Peter Wolter | October 28 | 9AM at Dollar Lodge

Bounding Session with Peter Wolter

Bounding Session with Peter Wolter
October 28 | 9AM at Dollar Lodge

Greetings fellow Nordic skiers! We’d be thrilled to have you join us 9 am, October 28th at the Dollar Mtn Lodge as Peter Wolter will take us through a dynamic Hill Bounding workout. Please bring your Classic ski poles and trail running shoes for a “Spenst” training style workout (that’s Norge talk for explosiveness)!

As a master’s skier, bounding is exactly the type of exercise your body hungers for to transform you from being that one speed wonder to that younger bouncier more dynamic you! You’ve read all the stories about aging and shrinking muscle mass, declining Max VO2 output , blah blah blah… here’s your way to fight back. Applied once or twice a week and your skis will be talking back at you to ski them with elan and panache! Elan and panache, you ask? Yes, Nordic skiing is a “quadrupedal” sport. Translation: it’s a full body workout using arms, torso, hips and leg muscles all firing in sequential order to create a movement of flow which ultimately propels your skis forward at a velocity level and joy of your choosing.

Surely in the off season you biked, hiked, swam, ran, played pickleball, etc… and yet December will feel so much better if you take a moment and start cross training for Nordic skiing now! Spenst training covers two areas of movement: first, activating and firing muscle groups used for Nordic skiing; second, reactivating those fast twitch muscles specific to propelling skis forward. Your skis will thank you for it!

There are countless ways to apply Spenst training style exercises to your weekly routine to enhance your skiing ability. It’s amazing but true that Scandinavian farmers and Russian woodsman have been running through bogs, jumping over logs and hucking boulders over their heads to prepare for skiing centuries before there was such a thing called a CrossFit gym that you paid dearly for. It made them, as the old coaches would say, “strong like bull.” Yet, functional movement is applied specifically to what we do, hence Spenst training.

For more information, the legendary Pete Vordenberg wrote an in depth article back in 2010 titled “What is Spenst Training” that goes through a variety of different routines that can enhance your ski experience.

We hope to see you on the 28th as Peter takes us through a robustly refreshing hill bounding exercise and routine!