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Why Waxable? The 411 On Waxable Classic Skis

Why Waxable? The 411 On Waxable Classic Skis
Written by Dave Knoop

Classic ski technique, also known as diagonal stride, has been around since Father Time needed efficient transportation in the dead of winter. It’s timeless and it’s practical—hence THE classic form of skiing.

Technology has provided us with fantastic choices in classic skis. Skin skis are the bomb and have reinvigorated many folks to return to their pure form. They still need glide wax, yet they are plug-and-play. Want to get a quick hour in after work, but don’t have a lot of time? Grab your skin skis!

However, while skin skis provide confidence in kicking, they don’t glide as free as a kick wax ski. Skin skis are to Nordic what SUVs are to soccer moms!

So, let’s chat about waxable classic skis. On an extra blue kick wax day, like the many we see every winter in the Wood River Valley and the Stanley Basin, the superlatives are zoom, snap, pop, and WHEEE…!

While skin skis can almost be considered a form of resistance training, double poling on kick wax skis is pure joy.

The kick waxing you ask, besides lots of extra blue? Well, that’s just it… once you layer in your original kick wax, instead of cleaning it off, just keep it on and layer on a few new layers on subsequent days. That way you only really do some heavy-duty waxing every few weeks or so. Add a new layer and you’re good to go in 2 minutes!

Looking for a good place to start but feeling overwhelmed by the wax possibilities? We sell Swix tour packs of 3 kick waxes and a cork for $35 to ski with or keep in your car to freshen up your skis in a heartbeat.

Have more questions about the world of waxable classic skis? Come in and visit us! We would love to talk skis with you.

We look forward to seeing you out there sliding and gliding away this winter!